How much profit is enough?

More than 31 million people visited Florida during the first quarter of 2020. By the second quarter, that number had plunged to less than 13 million as Covid-19 spread across the United States, state figures show. Florida’s tourism industry showed signs of a strong recovery in 2022, with the number of visitors hitting 36 million … Read more

Killing the goose…

Let’s face it – Florida isn’t getting any bigger and development isn’t slowing down. Tourists and new arrivals continue to flood the state. People are eager to visit Florida’s unique, historic and charming cities – places like St. Augustine. But will the influx of people make it a less appealing destination? I discussed that and … Read more

Make way for the gondolas

An aerial tram, micro transporters and low-speed bicycle boulevards are envisioned under a new plan in the historic city of St. Augustine, founded in 1565. On Feb. 14, city commissioners gave initial approval to fees for new construction that would pay for a mobility plan that would promote “the continued transition from a transportation system … Read more

State land use laws favor developers

Florida once had “one of the most comprehensive and progressive land use planning programs,” as one expert put it, but those days are long gone. Changes in the state’s land use planning program have chipped away at local government’s authority, tipping the scales in favor of developers. Efforts to manage growth in Florida began in … Read more

Growth management workshop draws big crowd

St. Johns County has grown by nearly 44% over the past decade, 2020 Census figures show. It’s the second-fastest growing county in Florida. On Jan. 25, county officials hosted a meeting about growth management. Dozens of residents showed up and most spoke out against overdevelopment. See transcript of meeting. Download video. See data on planned … Read more