Losing Florida is a journalism project reporting on the impact of growth and development on open spaces, the environment, wildlife and people.

Growth brings jobs and new opportunities, but it also transforms the landscape and the environment. Forests are bulldozed, forcing wildlife to find new homes. Waterways are polluted. New neighborhoods spring up, bringing traffic and congestion.

Losing Florida will explore some of the costs and benefits of rapid growth. Feel free to send me tips, story ideas, photos, documents and other material that help illustrate the issue.

I am a journalist and former foreign correspondent based in northeast Florida. If there is a dispute over growth and development in your neighborhood, or if you know if any events, meetings or protests that might be worth covering, please let me know.

Accuracy is important to me, so let me know if you see any mistakes on the site and I will try to correct them.

I can be reached at maninhavana@gmail.com or 386-864-2235. You may also connect with me on Facebook or Twitter.


Tracey Eaton