Coming soon to a town near you

Forty miles west of Orlando, there’s a quiet town of around 7,700 people. Mascotte was named after a ship used to haul tobacco from Cuba.

The city council there recently voted 4-1 to approve a residential development that would add 2,800 new homes.

WKMG News 6 reported that some residents are upset.

“I hate it,” Fred Thomas told News 6. “It shocks me. It’s ridiculous. This is agriculture country and it ought to stay agriculture country.”

The city covers just 2.8 miles, 14% of which is water.

Maudie DeLeon told News 6 there are already “too many people” in town now. “I moved from Orlando to get away from the traffic and the traffic got worse.”

Shaded area shows location of proposed development.

The Langley Limited Partnership proposes building a 2,800-unit mixed-use development on a 944-acre property.

Mascotte City Hall. Photo: Wikipedia

“The applicant is not currently proposing to impact any wetland in the development but wetlands have been identified on and adjacent to the site,” project plans say.

“The existing zoning designation limits the maximum density to be utilized strictly for residential and commercial development and does not allow over-development of the property.”

The ship Mascotte hauled tobacco from Cuba to Florida. Photo: Wikipedia

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